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Restaurant Portfolio

Béarnaise Restaurant - fine dining French bistro

Big Top Ice Cream Bar - outrageous soft serve

bumble birds - southern fried chicken &  iced tea bar

Good Stuff Eatery - hamburgers, shakes & fries

Pepin's Restaurant - Spanish fine dining

PLNT Burger - vegetarian burger and soft serve

Santa Rosa Taqueria - authentic tacos & margaritas

Vim & Victor  - healthy-sports oriented fast casual

We, The Pizza - NY slices, wings and Italian sodas


World Expositions

Our family began participating in World Expositions in Montreal, Canada 1967 - Man & His World, as restaurant consultants.

Sevilla, Spain 1992 - Age of Discovery

Owned and operated 11 full-service restaurants and 5 kiosks. Largest food concessionaire on site with exclusivity in the U.S, Pavilion.

Yankee Stadium Restaurant

Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream

The All American Sports Shop 

American Kiosk in the Pavilion’s courtyard. 

Lisbon, Portugal 1998 - The Oceans, a Heritage for the Future

Major food concessionaire - bars, restaurants and kiosks

Hanover, Germany 2000 - Humankind: Nature – Technology

Major food concessionaire - bars, restaurants and kiosks.

Expo Milan, Italy 2015 - Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

Participated in “burger diplomacy” events around the city.

Prepared dinners for The James Beard House in Milan

Overseas Experience

Opened 15 restaurants in Seville, Spain. We lived in the country for 3 years to make sure everything opened smoothly and on time. We brought American culture to the projects through themed restaurants. 

Good Stuff Eatery opened in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This restaurant had to be carefully planned in order to comply with the county's culture. We built separate entrances for men and women, family rooms and a children's section. We worked with local tradesmen to construct and execute the restaurant.

Good Stuff Eatery opened in Cairo, Egypt in two locations in Sheikh Zayed City and Sharm El-Sheikh.

Amman, Jordan to open a Good Stuff Eatery and Big Top Ice Cream Bar in Taj Mahal Shopping Mall.

Delayed due to Covid-19.


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