Meet Our Team

We own, operate and franchise five successful restaurant concepts nationally and internationally. Our success has always been to surround ourselves with enthusiastic, knowledgeable and dedicated colleagues. Our team of hard working individuals, that are as in love with our concepts as much as we are, are experts in their field.

With over 40 years of restaurant experience, overseas all operations.

Catherine Mendelsohn

Chief Operating Office

A financial wizard with corporate, global tax and wealth management experience.

Harvey Mendelsohn

Chief Executive Officer

Marketing, communications, public relations and branding expert.

Micheline Mendelsohn Luhn

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

A celebrity Chef, classically trained in France. Focused on menu and promotions.

Spike Mendelsohn

Executive Consultant

Brands and markets all aspects of each concept, from initial idea to fruition.

Ted McCoig

Brand Strategist

Assures accurate financial issues for each concept and manages the head office

Karina Wilkey

Financial Controller

Our in-house photographer for all food and lifestyle images and our cookbook.

Joe Shymanski


Speaks fluent Arabic, works on our projects in the Middle East and our U.S. operations.

Yaser Joudeh

Director Of Business Development

Focused on the operation and expansion of all our We, The Pizza locations.

Rob Earley

Director Of Everything Pizza

Ruby specializes in private events and executes openings 

Ruby Kustubardis

Lead Business Developer 

Anne has practiced intellectual property law since 2003.

Anne Yates

Trademark Attorney

Harold has worked in the field of franchise law for over 30 years.

Harold Kestenbaum

Franchise Attorney

303 Pennsylvania Ave. SE Washington, DC * 202.543.8222