A Family Affair

We are a unique restaurant group, as each member of the family brings specific expertise to the table. Harvey is the financial wizard, Catherine works tirelessly on operations, Micheline's background is public relations and marketing and Spike is a celebrity chef that was classically trained in France. Since we have been in business together, each of us has dipped into the other's expertise to learn, advise and perfect our ways - it truly is a family affair.


This has resulted in five restaurant concepts that are beloved in the United States and around the world, and

a company culture that is rooted in family. Through food, we share our values and culture to help

start conversations and bring people together.


Since 1996

In 1916, the patriarchs on both sides of our family - Nicholas and Peter, arrived on the shores of the St. Lawrence river from their beloved Greek Island of Kefalonia.

Nick took the first job available, a night watchman that made ice cream overnight, in a restaurant at a train stop. Through his hard work and dedication, he opened his first restaurant using the "old school" method of friends loaning money on handshakes and honor.

Peter found a job working in a candy and ice cream shop. Years later, after gaining the respect of the owners and learning the trade, he was able to buy it from the family.

Nick and Peter, unbeknownst to them at the time, started a restaurant family tradition that continues with this generation.


​Our ancestors created menus with their memories of lush vegetable gardens, vine ripe tomatoes, sun-kissed fruits, lemon groves and homemade ice cream from their homeland and experiences in a new world.

We pride ourselves in that authenticity and embrace our heritage in each of our restaurants. 

We built concepts and restaurants that are created from good times with friends and family, nostalgic moments and food that brings comfort and great memories.