A Family Affair

The Sunnyside Restaurant Group (SRG) is a family-run team of seasoned restaurateurs, financial gurus, professional chefs, and public relations experts who have been in the hospitality industry for five generations, locally and nationally as well as internationally.


Harvey, Cathy, Micheline, and Chef Spike Mendelsohn each bring their own expertise to every aspect of the business which has resulted in the creation and success of five restaurant concepts in the US and the world, and a company whose culture is deeply rooted in family and community.


It is through food that we share values, start conversations and seek to unite.


Since 1916

In 1916, Nicholas Sklavounakis and Peter Polatos, the patriarchs on both sides of our family, arrived on the shores of the St. Lawrence River in Montreal, Canada, from their beloved Greek Island of Kefalonia.


Nick took the first job he could find in a restaurant working as a night watchman who also happened to make ice cream as he protected the premises. Through his hard work and dedication, he opened his first restaurant with the help of friends. 


Peter, coincidentally, also worked in a candy and ice cream shop which he ultimately bought from the family he worked for.


Nick and Peter, unbeknownst to them at the time, started a restaurant family tradition that continues with this generation.


​Our ancestors created menus with their memories of lush vegetable gardens, vine ripe tomatoes, sun-kissed fruits, lemon groves and homemade ice cream from their homeland and experiences in a new world.

We pride ourselves in that authenticity and embrace our heritage in each of our restaurants. 

We built concepts and restaurants that are created from good times with friends and family, nostalgic moments and food that brings comfort and great memories.